Mentor Programs

Mentorship programs are designed to provide guidance, support and a deeper understanding of the direction one needs to take in life. The structure of the program is based on Sanjay’s reflection of his journey and his life’s insights. These highly interactive workshops are developed to assist each one in their journey of self-discovery and achieve their personal & professional goals.

R.I.S.E. For Adolescents & Youth

A signature program developed by Sanjay Joshi for school and college going students, with an aim to:

  • Take them through a journey of self – discovery to realise their strengths and passion.
  • To form a blue print of a genuine dream.
  • Develop a positive attitude and confidence to effectively deal with the pressures and setbacks they may face during the course of their journey.
  • Discuss the importance of developing essential skills and applying basic fundamentals for converting their dreams into reality.

R.I.S.E. For Corporates & Organisations

Mentoring teams and individuals by applying the learnings of four decades of extensive experience in conceptualising and implementing attitudinal training programs, business development, project management, people management and relationship management related assignments within and out of India.

  • To usher in a paradigm shift from process orientation to result orientation
  • Enhance their self & work effectiveness by bringing about an attitudinal change amongst the employees
  • Sensitising them towards the needs of the work place
  • Inculcating a feeling of ownership, accountability, increased job satisfaction & a sense of pride within them towards their role and responsibilities
  • Enhancing self esteem and the feeling of self-worth within them.

Need based modules for enhancing self and work effectiveness of employees by inculcating a sense of accountability, ownership and sense of pride within them.


Fun-filled Off-Sites

Corporate Offsites break the monotony of working in the same set up everyday by being in a relaxed and creative environment. That is a great way to inculcate team bonding within your work culture and boost employee engagement.

A collaborative approach being vital to running a business, embracing your work force’s knowledge and experience can be extremely fruitful. Besides being an impactful, engaging and enjoyable experience for all , it also makes each member of the team feel valued.

We organise the off site that includes proposing the location , designing the program with activities and facilitate travel and accommodation to meet the company’s objective & requirement.

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